Thursday, 15 August 2013

The Motion and Emotion of Peugeot

‘Motion and Emotion’-The signature of Peugeot takes care of all your driving pleasures while promising top of the class motion and drive, ensuring a fulfillment of all your emotional expectations. The French brand, operating since 200 years has an international presence and recognition of having a sale of 60 million vehicles sold worldwide. Pursuing its international presence Peugeot is the only brand manufacturing cars, utility vehicles, scooters and bicycles and a wide range of services under one umbrella.

The brand’s exclusive engine technology and style is the unique quality which makes it stand out from the crowd. The RCZ sports model, 3008 Cross Over and its GT and GTi models are a class apart for their extraordinary engine technology and make. The brand is definitely a source of pride for, as not only we offer the most internationally acclaimed models of Peugeot but also offer the latest Hybrid and full electric models, perfectly donned with all its fashionable and sturdy accessories, with a promise of world class after sales service.

Peugeot definitely believes in internationalization and thus it remains as a core strategy of the brand to maintain a strong global presence. The brand maintains its position with a presence in 160 countries with 10,000 contact points, of which only outside Europe Peugeot has a sale of 44%.

Peugeot not only claims its international presence in terms of sales and global presence but it has a strong strategy of commercialization and customization of its cars subject to the target market of the area. Like for example the 301, 308 and 408 Saloon and Sedan were designed specifically for the Chinese, Latin American and Russian Markets.

We at realize the expectations our clients have when making a purchase of the Peugeot. Therefore a trial drive is what we offer to ensure that our customers are fully satisfied and aware of their buy, assuring them of the value for money they receive.


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