Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Ford Motor Company: An Auto making Legend!

The name Ford doesn’t just symbolize a legend of the car, its momentum and luxury but also it’s a hallmark of a unique division of engineering, innovation and hence an inevitable revolution in the auto making world.

Championed and found by Henry Ford in 1903, Ford Motor Company is an American Multinational Automaker based in Detroit. Introducing the concept of assembly lines, large scale manufacturing and then management by an experienced workforce, revolutionized the conservative methods of production introducing productivity and efficiency in manufacturing and design. These concepts in 1914 were then known unanimously around the world as ‘Fordism’. We at take immeasurable pride to be associated with a brand of such a stature and class.

Ford maintains its stratum of world class automakers investing and manufacturing on world class technologies, state of the art procedures and pristine level of efficiency in their operating procedures. Each level is measured and calculated maintaining a precision unheard and unmatched for.

Thriving and improving on the efforts to maintain a globally green strategy and minimizing the consumption of fuel, the eco boost technology at Ford is definitely a step ahead in ensuring that. The eco boost engine of a V8 and the fuel efficiency of a V6 give the car an impressive fuel economy capitalizing on the combination of turbo changing and direct injection. Similarly hybrid cars, semi hybrid and no gasoline cars are a series of extraordinary results of continuous innovation and a culture of change at Ford Motor Company.

The amazing sync service at Ford again offers the wonder and ease of getting undistracted driving pleasures while remaining in total contact with your world. The ease of voice recognition simply requires you to talk to the machine and it shall obey your orders just as you say it.

At be it the luxury Ford Cars, the SUVS, The trucks, hybrid etc you can get any of your choice and taste with remarkable accessories, price and after sales services.


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