Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Chevrolet: The ever green, The ever friendly!

Louis Chevrolet, the co- founder of the auto motor company Chevrolet with William C. Durant carries a heavy heritage of history to date. The Chevrolet now manufactured by General Motors stand out as an icon; personifying style, dependability and style which purely defines the ever fresh Chevrolet.

Racing and keeping up with the pace of time, the Chevrolet has been one car which has seen it all. Remaining up breast with the latest of the technologies available, Chevrolet has always come up with the most influential and dynamic models keeping in par with time and resources. At a Chevrolet commonly known as ‘Chevy’ or ‘Chev’ is one automobile which has a sale power of those of hot cakes.

Promising world car interiors and making advances in leaps and bounds for exhilarating ‘driving dynamics’ a Chevrolet is definitely here to stay. Having a global presence with ever customizable local needs a Chevrolet has learnt to do it ‘glocally’. Master in the game, with the solid support of state of the art technology implemented in the manufacturing as well as in all processes, has gained what a Chevrolet needed to prove its mark.

Done with the first hundred years, The Chevrolet promises a win-win philosophy for our valued customers which clearly outline the step ahead policy of Chevrolet of being only as good as their new product. Not living on previous accomplishments, Chevrolet is pacing head on and giving cut throat competition to other auto manufacturers.

The mandate of Chevrolet remains simple and the most wished, of giving a fun-drive. With environment as the top priority, the Chevrolet in 2011 has committed itself to reduce 8 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions over the next few years. With grave considerations to ecology and measuring every inch of the process having an environmental impact the Chevrolet proves itself one socially responsible entity.


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