Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Ford Motor Company: An Auto making Legend!

The name Ford doesn’t just symbolize a legend of the car, its momentum and luxury but also it’s a hallmark of a unique division of engineering, innovation and hence an inevitable revolution in the auto making world.

Championed and found by Henry Ford in 1903, Ford Motor Company is an American Multinational Automaker based in Detroit. Introducing the concept of assembly lines, large scale manufacturing and then management by an experienced workforce, revolutionized the conservative methods of production introducing productivity and efficiency in manufacturing and design. These concepts in 1914 were then known unanimously around the world as ‘Fordism’. We at take immeasurable pride to be associated with a brand of such a stature and class.

Ford maintains its stratum of world class automakers investing and manufacturing on world class technologies, state of the art procedures and pristine level of efficiency in their operating procedures. Each level is measured and calculated maintaining a precision unheard and unmatched for.

Thriving and improving on the efforts to maintain a globally green strategy and minimizing the consumption of fuel, the eco boost technology at Ford is definitely a step ahead in ensuring that. The eco boost engine of a V8 and the fuel efficiency of a V6 give the car an impressive fuel economy capitalizing on the combination of turbo changing and direct injection. Similarly hybrid cars, semi hybrid and no gasoline cars are a series of extraordinary results of continuous innovation and a culture of change at Ford Motor Company.

The amazing sync service at Ford again offers the wonder and ease of getting undistracted driving pleasures while remaining in total contact with your world. The ease of voice recognition simply requires you to talk to the machine and it shall obey your orders just as you say it.

At be it the luxury Ford Cars, the SUVS, The trucks, hybrid etc you can get any of your choice and taste with remarkable accessories, price and after sales services.

Monday, 22 July 2013

The Ever Charismatic, Rolls Royce:

Created over a 100 years ago, Rolls Royce shares a rich heritage of craftsmanship, excellence and innovation. Created in collaboration with Henry Royce, a successful engineer and Charles Rolls, owner of the first cars dealership, the Rolls Royce launched in 1907 gave a phenomenal run of 14,371 miles nonstop, actually creating the legend of the ‘best car in the world.’

A feast to the senses, Rolls Royce provides such luxury and pure pleasure that it has the power to stimulate not only the traditional five senses but also awaken your sixth sense. For all the luxuries experienced in the world, ranging from a Swiss Holiday to that gigantic solitaire on your finger, the experience of the Rolls Royce-Ghost has been designed in a manner that promises a new paradigm of sensory indulgence.

The Phantom remains matchless to any of the contemporary cars the world witnessed. The car moves with a graceful authority and offers a remarkable presence with sleek combinations and an outstanding stance. The Phantom Rolls Royce is definitely a result of breathtaking detail and precision.

The Wraith, the exclusive line for the very bold and curious, offers a remarkable blend of innovation and
challenge.  The Wraith is the design which has pushed all boundaries of engineering, combining power, style and drama in a fashion that when the machine moves, the world stands still.

A car that speaks volumes of its extra ordinary mechanics and unmatched beauty, the Rolls Royce is nothing less than a car of your dreams. takes immense pleasure to share the honor of dealing with all models of Rolls Royce ranging from the sensation driven Ghost to the effortless grace and elegance of the Wraith to the ever cotemporary Phantom. We offer the exclusive models with perfect tutorials, trials and price while donned with out of the world accessories and after sale services.

Monday, 15 July 2013

Aston Martin: For the Seekers of Power, Beauty and Soul!

Aston Martin, the British automotive icon after celebrating 100 years of luxury, heritage and authentic craftsmanship enters the new century with the promise of radical innovation and an aura of change capitalizing full well on their core competencies, making them a strong innovative internationally acclaimed British brand. We take immense pride at that we offer to our valued clientele the whole series of the brand ranging from the Vantage- the sports car, Rapide S-the luxury one and a multitude of heritage cars to choose from.

Power, Beauty and Soul are the three defining elements, combination of which  make the tremendous blend resulting in the most unique and special, the passionate Aston Martin. The brand takes pride in its modern design and contemporary manufacturing leading into a drive which instigates passion offering the most exhilarating experience with style and grace.

With a complete and quality driven range of accessories Aston Martin actually promises a customizable solution for all its owners ranging from interior and exterior styling features to dynamic power upgrades, which only very few of the automobiles offer worldwide.

We at take pride in offering you the car which offers an extended warranty customizable to different countries of the world. The warranty offers a wide range of protection against unexpected component failures.

The Aston Martin Vantage offers a true sporting thoroughbred. The sports cars are not only of pure sporting stamina but also are a dish for the eyes. State of the art technology resulting in the most sophisticated engineering procedures packaged with the most artful design in the form of the latest V8 series of the Aston Martin offer a combination of exceptional performance and dynamism.

Developing and manufacturing on the lines of aerodynamics the Aston Martin offers the industry leading architecture with a world class profile which is all about agility, balance and control.

Monday, 8 July 2013

Jaguar: An Envious Machine of the Track!

It’s said the more powerful the device the more heavily it shall be laden with powerful systems and technicalities taking away the charisma and beauty of the whole piece. The notion does hold true in a multiple cases and in fact is a common observation however there are world class companies and manufacturers playing and reversing the whole idea and challenge, to put forth products which offer beauty with power and performance.

Tough doesn’t mean less luxury and a compromisable outlook, however on the other hand it can definitely mean a glamorous product parceled with substance and quality. Such is the philosophy of Jaguar which for 25 years they followed religiously. Sleek and sexy in appearance, powered with a powerful engine which roars on the track with the latest R-Performance vehicle ramps up the total visceral experience Jaguar is identified for. My definitely shows off its collection of the ever sleek, the rough and tough Jaguar with the latest of the models at market compatible prices and an after sales customer service which shall promise immense pleasure and satisfaction.

Jaguar officially since December 2012 is known as Jaguar Land Rover Ltd. Is a British Multinational car manufacturer based in Whitley, Coventry England. A Jaguar is definitely for those who believe in the muscular adrenalin rush of the car with beauty packaged together. Meant for super race tracks the power and strength of the Jaguar could only be experienced to know.

A Jaguar believes in manufacturing not just cars but legends which give you a novel and unique driving experience which actually drives your senses away with pleasure and out of the world experience. It gives you control with such austerity that can only play on your senses. All models ranging from XFR, XJR, XKR etc. are all available at in various metallic colors and accessories.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Chevrolet: The ever green, The ever friendly!

Louis Chevrolet, the co- founder of the auto motor company Chevrolet with William C. Durant carries a heavy heritage of history to date. The Chevrolet now manufactured by General Motors stand out as an icon; personifying style, dependability and style which purely defines the ever fresh Chevrolet.

Racing and keeping up with the pace of time, the Chevrolet has been one car which has seen it all. Remaining up breast with the latest of the technologies available, Chevrolet has always come up with the most influential and dynamic models keeping in par with time and resources. At a Chevrolet commonly known as ‘Chevy’ or ‘Chev’ is one automobile which has a sale power of those of hot cakes.

Promising world car interiors and making advances in leaps and bounds for exhilarating ‘driving dynamics’ a Chevrolet is definitely here to stay. Having a global presence with ever customizable local needs a Chevrolet has learnt to do it ‘glocally’. Master in the game, with the solid support of state of the art technology implemented in the manufacturing as well as in all processes, has gained what a Chevrolet needed to prove its mark.

Done with the first hundred years, The Chevrolet promises a win-win philosophy for our valued customers which clearly outline the step ahead policy of Chevrolet of being only as good as their new product. Not living on previous accomplishments, Chevrolet is pacing head on and giving cut throat competition to other auto manufacturers.

The mandate of Chevrolet remains simple and the most wished, of giving a fun-drive. With environment as the top priority, the Chevrolet in 2011 has committed itself to reduce 8 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions over the next few years. With grave considerations to ecology and measuring every inch of the process having an environmental impact the Chevrolet proves itself one socially responsible entity.

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