Friday, 16 August 2013

Tesla An Auto-Making Revolution

Cashing their philosophy of business based on ‘Zero Emissions and Zero Compromises’ Tesla has made its name in the field of auto engineering and technology which pars all milestones of excellence in terms of speed and reliability. Tesla Inc. is a public Californian based company designing, manufacturing and selling electric cars.

Named after an electrical engineer and physicist Nikola Tesla, Tesla Roadster is the first automobile manufactured by Tesla which used Lithium ion battery. However the Sports model of Tesla is said to be three times as efficient as the Toyota Prius.

Customizing its automobiles according to the global market and inculcating state of the art technology in their systems right from design to implementation is the operations agenda at Tesla. Tesla started producing right hand drive Roadsters in 2010 for the UK and Ireland market, making a statement of catering to the global arena. At all models of Tesla with customizable solutions according to the needs of the clients are available 24/7. We at are just a call or an email away to deal with any of the queries, problems or any service requirements.

Known as the world car, and rightly so for its environment friendly operations and not only that but also for its drivers seen across North America, Asia and Europe the car has gain international acclamation and fame around the world due to the Get Amped International Tour.

The operations at Tesla are not only limited to manufacture and sale but it goes a step ahead in providing a conducive environment to operate and run. The company has organized car charging solutions for the latest Model S owners so that they can travel for free between cities along highways in North America. About half a charge is provided by these Super Chargers in only about 20 minutes!

Tesla is not only a car but a revolution, a revolution which we at savor and love to share with our enthusiastic clients.


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